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Shark Dive Montauk

with Sea Turtle Dive Charters llc

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Mission Statement

Sea Turtle Dive Charters llc is a dive charter operation based in Montauk, NY. Our mission is to provide safe, fun and exciting dive excursions to divers of all levels. Now in our 19th season, we specialize in shark cage diving, shipwreck diving and free dive spearfishing. The waters around Montauk are abundant with life and amazing opportunities to explore our aquatic world. 
Capt. Chuck Wade


Shark Dives


Full Day Excursions

Experience the excitement and warm water of shark cage diving in Montauk, NY. Our regular day shark dives will take you 15-30 miles south of Long Island where warm waters from the gulf stream bring an array of life during the summer months. Sharks, (mako and blue) mahi-mahi, tuna, whales, ocean sunfish, porpoise and of course sea turtles are among the creatures you could see on a cage trip.


Safety and Comfort

While we want our customers to have an exciting and fun experience, we insist on safety as the first priority. Detailed safety and dive orientations are given during every trip by the captain and dive instructor.


Experience and Education

Capt. Chuck Wade (owner/operator) has been diving the local waters for over 40yrs, a USCG licensed captain for 25yrs and a PADI scuba diving instructor for 23yrs. This experience, along with a seasoned crew, always instills a feeling of confidence and knowledge on every trip.

Jake Hanely - Untapped Cities

"We had swam with the sharks, we had experienced something magical."