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Shark Dives

A typical day of shark diving starts with a full briefing and boat orientation at the dock. Once underway, the trip to the blue water takes 1-2hrs. Upon arrival the crew begins chumming the water, creating a slick to attract sharks. During the wait everyone is given the opportunity to try out the cage and get comfortable with all diving procedures. Diving does't get easier!  We supply all the dive gear (including wetsuits). Breathing regulators are mounted in the cage and weight harnesses provide proper buoyancy. NO CERTIFICATIONS are required, but we request that all participants are comfortable in the water with a dive mask and able to swim. The two person cage is made of aluminum pipe and fully welded on all seams. Entry and exits are done from the stern of the boat into top cage mounted door. The cage will be floated 3-4' below the surface depending on sea conditions.

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Oliver Peterson - Dan's Paper

"it's so close I can make out every pore and scratch on its elongated face"

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Regular Trips

7-8 hour excursion

Our regular day trips depart at 7am and return around 3pm. These are full day offshore pelagic expeditions, so come prepared for a full day on the boat. Coolers onboard with ice, but you are responsible for your own food and drinks. All divers should be in good physical condition and able to exit a swimming pool without a ladder. Sea sickness remedy is strongly advised for those prone to motion sickness.
$300-350per person


Extended Trips

10-11 hour excursion

These trips will take passengers twice the distance offshore of our regular day trips to cleaner, warmer water where an increased variety of species can be found. Extended day trips also offer longer trip duration, extending the odds of seeing more life above and below the surface!
$450 per person


Extended Day Two in One 

11-12 hour excursions

We are now offering two types of shark trips in one day! These trips start off the same as our regular day trip for blue and mako sharks and add an additional four hours of targeting white, sandbar, spinner and thresher sharks on our way back closer to the dock. This focus is on the recent influx of bait fish in our near shore waters that have brought a great opportunity to see feeding whales, dolphins, sharks, rays and even the possibly of giant tuna. 
$450 per person 


Private Charters

Customize your excursion

Book the boat and crew to completely customize a day of shark diving with flexible departure and return times. Private charters also offer targeting different shark types such as, thresher, hammerhead and great white sharks. These charters are available seven days a week from June through September. Contact us for a specific date or targeted trip type.
$1750 1-6 people

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Blue Water

Easy Enrty/Exit

Lots to See

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426 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954, USA

(631) 335-6323

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"A dive off the coast of Montauk in Long Island, New York offers the chance to see mako, thresher and blue sharks, sometimes a dozen at a time"
Kate Rosenbrock - Yahoo Travel

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